Psychometric Tests

More than ever, the current business environment requires that the talents acquisition, mobilization and development would be key factors to the success of a company.

Alevo Talents provide advice and guidance to business leaders and managers in their recruitment, mobilization and talent development activities in order to optimize their workforce effectiveness. Over the past years, founders of Alevo Talents offered their expertise to hundreds of companies, manufacturers, distributors, as well as public and parapublic organizations..

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1 Specialized Recruitment

2 Interim Management Staffing

3 Psychometric Tests

4 Business Coaching

Some of our professionals are certified to supervise and analyse psychometric tests which are among the most reliable and effective of the industry. Thus, we can provide the following services to recruiting companies: management, leadership and business development capabilities and skills assessments, personality profile or motivational factors of candidates. Psychometric tests can bring significant insight to your selection process.

In addition, organizations wishing to leverage the skills of their key personnel could provide them opportunity to get personalized feedback through one or many psychometric tests, including the analysis and interpretation of the results with a certified business coach. Once again, psychometric tests used are among a short list of reliable and effective psychometric tools of the industry.

Once results are interpreted and explained to professionals, valuable information will later be used to: determine professional goals, develop individual or collective professional plans and select relevant and appropriate training activities. Such support from an employer will certainly promotes retention, mobilization and performance of staff who benefited from those tools.

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