Specialized Recruitment

More than ever, the current business environment requires that the talents acquisition, mobilization and development would be key factors to the success of a company.

Alevo Talents provide advice and guidance to business leaders and managers in their recruitment, mobilization and talent development activities in order to optimize their workforce effectiveness. Over the past years, founders of Alevo Talents offered their expertise to hundreds of companies, manufacturers, distributors, as well as public and parapublic organizations..

crochet employeurOur expertise

1 Specialized Recruitment

2 Interim Management Staffing

3 Psychometric Tests

4 Business Coaching

Founded and led by CPAs and one finance MBA that value specialisation, the firm focus on accounting and finance staffing. Whether your staffing needs is to fill a permanent, interim or temporary position, Alevo Talents recruitment services help organizations to simplify their talents attraction and acquisition processes in the following areas: 
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