Business Coaching

More than ever, the current business environment requires that the talents acquisition, mobilization and development would be key factors to the success of a company.

Alevo Talents provide advice and guidance to business leaders and managers in their recruitment, mobilization and talent development activities in order to optimize their workforce effectiveness. Over the past years, founders of Alevo Talents offered their expertise to hundreds of companies, manufacturers, distributors, as well as public and parapublic organizations..

crochet employeurOur expertise

1 Specialized Recruitment

2 Interim Management Staffing

3 Psychometric Tests

4 Business Coaching

Business Coaching is an interactive and targeted guidance for executives, team managers, professionals and entrepreneurs. It is another form of support for the professional development of key individuals and teams in an organization. The approach is deemed to be very effective as scientific researches showed that a structured coaching program generates over 5.2 times the investment required, and more often, through either of the following benefits: 
In the process, a professional coach has for mission to facilitate and accelerate the deployment of resources and the full potential of individuals, so that they meet faster their goals and objectives. Here are a few contexts conducive to the business coaching:


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