Interim Management Staffing

More than ever, the current business environment requires that the talents acquisition, mobilization and development would be key factors to the success of a company.

Alevo Talents provide advice and guidance to business leaders and managers in their recruitment, mobilization and talent development activities in order to optimize their workforce effectiveness. Over the past years, founders of Alevo Talents offered their expertise to hundreds of companies, manufacturers, distributors, as well as public and parapublic organizations..

crochet employeurOur expertise

1 Specialized Recruitment

2 Interim Management Staffing

3 Psychometric Tests

4 Business Coaching

Most businesses are facing multitude of needs and one-time initiatives generated by today business context that often must be filled with additional qualified temporary resources. Those needs include hiring temporary staff as a result of resignation, prolonged absences due to serious illness, parental leave that require temporary replacements or increased workload during peak periods.

Our professional consultants can be assigned to special projects that require external expertise or replace staff members in their day-to-day responsibilities as they are already involved in a specific project.

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